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Produce Labels

Produce Labels

Mission Labels is expert in label design and printing for food and produce. Mission Labels is the first choice for produce labels for large supermarkets, grocery stores and other food manufacturers. Mission Labels is frequently selected by food and drink retailers due to price, professionalism and the willingness to turn around any job, regardless of time and capacity.

Mission’s Accreditation and Support

Mission Labels has BRC Accreditation demonstrating its commitment to providing safe labelling facilities to be used specifically in the food and drink industries. Mission Labels also provides full 24/7 technical support for customers, offering advice on label design, paper selection, and issue resolution.

Mission’s technical label information

Mission Labels can provide:

  • 8-10 colour labels
  • Low migration adhesive specifically for the food industry
  • Double sided labels
  • Reverse printing
  • Flexographic technology

Mission caters for businesses of all sizes

Mission Labels serves any size of company and can deliver any size of order. Mission Labels can provide 1-to-1 customer service to help understand the technical requirements of food labelling legislation, and can assist to ensure each customer's order is carried out in accordance with the law. Regardless of the size of order, Mission Labels provides labels to the same high standard throughout the business.  Our team is always available to provide technical advice, or answer any queries. Mission Labels also provides labels for the Cosmetic industry