Operational Investment at Mission Labels

Written by Mission Labels on Thursday 27th of September 2012

Plate making machine rewind machine at mission labels Mission's colour printer

Mission Labels has been investing in new machinery and quality initatives providing the highest standard of label printing and plate-making.

Mission Labels, throughout 2012, has been investing in the operational division, including machinery to improve processes and procedures to demonstrate the dedication to supplying cost-effective, timely labels to a very high standard. Mission Labels now provide in-house plate-making to reduce the time from plate to press from three hours to one. By making plates on site, enables a smoother transition from design through to print without delays, extending the time to despatch. 

Mission Labels have recently improved the label rewind machine to a new Omega Rewind. By improving the machinery for rewinding, Mission Labels can manage print runs of very large sizes with ease, plus can provide labels to customers with very urgent requirements or tight deadlines. 

Read more about Mission's Investment Commitment, which continues to develop and plans are now being made for 2013.