Mission Labels values the ability to trace its labels back to the tree. Key paper supplier for Mission Labels, HERMA UK provides outstanding technical support in order to trace paper sources if required. This is especially important for food and produce labels. From every single label roll manufactured, HERMA can trace back to the mother roll it was produced from, through to the manufacturing batch, the day and time the roll was produced, and even to the operative responsible for the quality of that roll. If the quality in question is from HERMA's FSC or PEFC selection, the face material can be traced back to the area, and even the forest and the pulp the paper originated from.

Traceability procedure:

  1. Order received with order number allocated
  2. Job bag raised with print order number and all ink codes and paper batch numbers recorded
  3. Create Q/C label, including print order number and paper reference number
  4. When labels have been printed, one Q/C label is placed on the outer of the master reel, one is placed on the inner core and one is on the pull-off sheet (The Q/C label has paper batch number, in order to trace source of paper)
  5. Transfer master reel to finishing department
  6. Re-wind labels
  7. Print reel end labels with date and print order number on
  8. Put reel end labels on to the reels of re-wound label
  9. Transfer to dispatch
  10. Dispatch

In the event of a customer complaint, by using print-order numbers we can trace any product back to source
Upon notification of any possible label faults (e.g. contamination) we are able to trace directly back to source, simply by reversing the above procedure.

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